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Reverse Hyperpigmentation With Lumecca

Frustrating skin pigmentation like dark spots/age spots, sun damage, and even redness can be difficult to reverse with only topical serums. And as we age, these areas seem to only get worse! If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, we have just the solution for you. When it comes to this difficult skin condition, Lumecca IPL treatments are simply the gold standard. For anyone looking to improve the uniformity of their skin and reverse issues like sun damage or melasma, look no further than a photofacial with Lumecca!

How Does Lumecca Work?

This treatment utilizes the power of intense pulsed light (IPL) to target pigmentation on the skin. The wavelengths specifically interact with red and brown pigments like those typically seen as freckles, age spots, and rosacea. As a result, the pigmented skin cells are destroyed by the light energy, darken over the next week or so, and then flake off. Most people see significant results even after just one session. However, we typically recommend a series of sessions to ensure maximum benefits.

Reversing Hyperpigmentation + More

The Lumecca IPL treatments work incredibly well against pigmentation, but they also provide other benefits. You’ll notice your skin tone improving each time as damaged cells get replaced by fresh, new skin. After a treatment, your body produces more collagen and elastin to repair the areas with hyperpigmentation. Unsurprisingly this ends up taking years off your appearance. Our clients are shocked at how much their hyperpigmentation was aging them, and how it was reversed with these quick and effective treatment sessions. Plus, there’s minimal downtime compared to other skin rejuvenating procedures.

Are you ready to learn more about IPL treatments? Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss this procedure. We will take a look at your skin and come up with a treatment plan to help you regain your bright, youthful skin.

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