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Smooth Away Fine Lines With Virtue RF

Most people will start to notice those pesky fine lines appearing around age 30. By 40, it’s nearly unavoidable. One of the best ways to combat the signs of aging is with Virtue RF microneedling. This treatment takes advantage of your body’s natural healing process – a sort of “kick start.” You see, as a natural part of the aging process, our body starts to produce less collagen and elastin. Plus, the repetition of common facial expressions like smiling, frowning, and squinting start to add up. What is the result? Fine lines appear around the eyes and deep lines may start forming around the mouth, nose, and between the eyebrows. While this is the fairly universal human experience, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be done!

How Does Virtue RF Work?

With treatments like Virtue RF, we can stimulate the body to increase the production of collagen and elastin. Ultimately, this leads to less lines, better skin tone, and more. This procedure combines mechanical microneedling with the application of radiofrequency (RF) energy. Just like traditional microneedling, we use a device to make microinjuries in the skin. This tells the body to send healing agents to the area, which repair the skin. The gentle heat from the RF energy boosts the results of the microneedling, further stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Fine Lines Be Gone

Virtue RF provides so many benefits due to the fact that it simply stimulates your body to make new, healthy skin. After just one treatment, you’ll begin to see those fine lines smooth away. In addition, the skin will look and feel tighter and more youthful. Deeper grooves are softened, and may even fully disappear after subsequent treatments.

Virtue RF is a great way to restore a more youthful appearance because it truly improves nearly every aspect of the skin. We recommend this minimally invasive procedure to anyone struggling with those early, unwanted signs of aging. For more information about Virtue RF and how it works, feel free to contact us. We are happy to go over the procedure with you to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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