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Boost Your Collagen Production With Radiesse

At Rejuvenate, we offer a variety of fillers that are suited for different applications on the face (and even hands!) Each has a specific formulation designed to plump and smooth wrinkles while adding back lost volume to the face. Radiesse is a unique type of filler – its main ingredient actually improves your skin over time. Let’s learn more about it and its applications.

Why Choose Radiesse?

Like most fillers, this one is designed to be injected under the skin and “fill” wrinkles and deep lines. However, its unique formula makes it different. The CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite) gel matrix is the first of its kind and serves two purposes. Firstly, it has more stiffness than a hyaluronic acid filler, which makes it well-suited for deep lines around the mouth and for use in contouring the jawline. It has enough structure yet flexibility to give natural-looking support to these areas. But this formula also has a bonus – it actually stimulates your own collagen production. As a result, your skin elasticity and tone improve over time.

Big Bang For Your Buck

Overall, fillers are a very affordable way to reverse the signs of aging. Many people tend to fixate on forehead lines and crow’s feet, but the lower face also gives away your age! With Radiesse, we can get a dramatic “lifted” appearance around the jaw, which makes you look significantly younger. Plus, it’s incredibly effective for smile lines.

The results from Radiesse can last 12-14 months, which makes maintenance a breeze. In a quick, 15-minute procedure you’ll have near-instant results that also continue to improve your skin over the next year! If you’d like to learn more about treatment options with Radiesse, schedule a consultation with us. We are happy to discuss this unique filler in more detail and help you decide if it’s right for you.

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