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Dermal Fillers: The Secret Weapon Against Aging

No matter how hard we try to prevent it, eventually, our skin begins to show signs of aging. This is part of the natural aging process, as the body produces less collagen and elastin (which gives you that youthful-looking skin). However, with a great skincare routine, regular anti-aging treatments, and a little help from dermal fillers, you can take years off your appearance. Many people don’t know how truly natural looking they can be – in fact, plenty of people in your life probably utilize injectables, and you don’t even know!

Fillers Boost Volume And Contour The Face

Admittedly, the use of injectable fillers hasn’t always produced good results. Older versions were harder to control and yielded a very stiff, unnatural appearance. But modern formulations are highly specialized, containing just the right balance of support and flexibility depending on the application. For use in the face, especially around the eyes and mouth, it’s critical that injectables allow for natural expression. The goal is to plump the skin to reduce sagging and fine lines while also maintaining facial movement. In addition, we can use filler to gently contour the face to improve symmetry or enhance your profile. With products like Restylane Defyne, Kysse, and Lyft, we can give you that effortlessly youthful appearance you desire.

Long Lasting Results

You don’t want to have to spend a lot of time and money maintaining your results, which is why fillers are such a popular choice. Most newer formulations are designed to last up to a year or longer, which makes this a great investment both time and money-wise. Plus, injectables like Radiesse actually help to stimulate your natural collagen and elastin production leading to more long-lasting benefits.

Overall, dermal fillers are a safe and effective treatment to combat the signs of aging. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options.

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