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Erase Forehead Lines With Botox or Xeomin

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized the person staring back at you? Those dreaded forehead lines can seem to appear out of nowhere. One day your skin looks smooth and youthful, and the next… the expression lines start to make themselves a permanent fixture on your face. Instead of cutting bangs, we’ve got a quick and easy solution for you. In fact, it’s even less maintenance than bangs. So before you make an appointment with your salon, consider a little tox injection at Rejuvenate.

The Most Popular Anti-Aging Treatment

Most tox injections utilize the same fundamental active ingredient – botulinum toxin. For a long time, Botox was the only option widely available. It’s still the most popular anti-aging treatment, with millions of people receiving injections each year. The reason is simple. Botox works, and it works fast. The near-instant age-rewinding results of using tox injections is unmatched. The results last several months, making maintenance easy. Plus, as far as cosmetic procedures go, it’s remarkably affordable.

New Options For Smoothing Forehead Lines

While we still use and love Botox, new formulas have come on the market that we also recommend. Xeomin also contains botulinum toxin, however, it is made without the accessory proteins that Botox has. Therefore, it’s considered a more “naked” or “pure” form of tox injection that some people prefer. The more pure structure of Xeomin may help those who are prone to developing antibody resistance from Botox (essentially your body begins to neutralize the effects of the toxin faster, making it less effective). Xeomin can be an excellent alternative to Botox since it works in the same way to smooth lines. Cost-wise, Botox and Xeomin are typically comparable.

So, which should you choose? We can help you decide! Schedule a consultation where we can sit down and discuss the pros and cons of Botox and Xeomin and determine the best treatment plan.

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