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Laser Treatment For Smooth, Hair-Free Skin

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time shaving and waxing next summer and simply enjoy smooth, hair-free skin? Now is the time to start laser treatment for hair removal. This method is the gold standard for long-lasting results, and it’s faster and more comfortable than ever before. Winter is a great time to get started on your laser hair removal journey, so let’s discuss this treatment further.

Laser Treatment With Diolaze XL

At Rejuvenate, we use the latest technology that’s proven to get you the results you want. That’s why we chose the DiolazeXL system for laser hair removal. It’s widely considered to be one of the most efficient laser platforms on the market, which means you’ll spend less time in treatment and see results faster. With Diolaze, you’ll notice a significant reduction in hair in just a few sessions.

How Does It Work?

Like most laser hair removal systems, Diolaze uses laser energy to target and damage the hair follicle. As a result, the follicle can no longer grow hair. Over the course of several treatment sessions, we ensure each hair follicle has been effectively targeted which results in smooth, hair-free skin! However, Diolaze offers some advantages over other treatment methods. It features precise laser technology that works on both light and dark skin, so nearly everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal with this system. Plus, the innovative copper cooling tip ensures a comfortable experience. Patients report minimal to no pain during Diolaze treatments.

How Long Will It Take

While laser treatment is incredibly effective for hair removal, it does take time and consistency. You typically need 4-6 sessions to get complete results, which are scheduled every 4-8 weeks. The good news is that if you start now, you can enjoy your first maintenance-free, hair-free summer! To learn more about this treatment or get started, contact us today.

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