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moderate acne

Medical Grade Skincare For Moderate Acne

Acne affects 40-50 million people annually in the United States, making it the most common skin condition. If you suffer from mild to moderate acne, you are not alone! At Rejuvenate, our experienced estheticians help patients with this challenging issue every day. We have a variety of tools in our toolbox to treat acne, and a powerful home skincare regimen is a key piece.

What Makes Medical-Grade Skincare Different?

Medical-grade skincare products use high-quality, potent ingredients that demonstrate effectiveness in true research studies. While there are plenty of excellent products sold at drug and beauty stores, the difference between an off-the-shelf product and a medical-grade product is significant. Generally, these special lines are available only through partnering dermatologists and spas. Patients get a treatment plan based on their unique needs instead of just trying the latest trendy find at Sephora. That’s why these skincare solutions are also referred to as physician-directed.

Best Choices For Moderate Acne

Rejuvenate partners with Zo Skin Health and Alastin Skin Care, leaders in medical-grade skincare. These companies offer products to address active acne as well as the long term result of chronic breakouts – scarring. Utilizing these clinically proven formulas reduces breakouts and improves the texture of your skin. When used in combination with in-office treatments, our patients experience dramatic results. Finding an effective home regimen is crucial to maintaining clear skin for the long haul.

So many of our patients come to us frustrated and exhausted, trying product after product on their own to help their acne. We know how easy it is to waste time and money on solutions that don’t work. When you work with a professional esthetician, we cut out all of the guesswork. We are able to provide a treatment plan using these incredible medical-grade products that will help you get the results you desire. Book a consultation with us today! We look forward to seeing you.

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