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Microneedling For Scar Tissue

Microneedling is such a versatile treatment for our patients. It improves nearly all aspects of the skin as it stimulates collagen and elastin production. However, many people aren’t aware that it’s incredibly effective on scar tissue. Whether it’s acne scarring, the result of an accident, or a surgical incision, microneedling treatment can drastically improve the look and feel.

Microneedling with Virtue RF

Traditional microneedling involves the puncture of the skin with tiny needles, causing “micro injuries” that jump start your body’s skin healing process. This process improves skin tone and fine lines, tightens skin, and reduces pores. The Virtue RF platform boosts the benefits of microneedling with the application of radiofrequency energy. This energy penetrates deep into the skin, gently heating the area and encouraging remodeling. As a result, you’ll see even more youthful skin appear over the weeks following treatment. The combination of microneedling and RF energy stimulates powerful healing from below the surface of the skin.

Scar Tissue Treatment

Because the RF energy works below the skin surface, this microneedling treatment is remarkably effective in improving scar tissue. In fact, according to research, we can reduce scars by 1-2 grades with microneedling. Because this type of treatment works by using your body’s own healing mechanism, it’s a great natural alternative to other, more invasive methods. We are able to target small areas, minimizing damage to the surrounding skin. Plus, there’s virtually no downtime! You are free to return to normal activities after your treatment session.

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious about your scars, we can help! With Virtue RF, we are able to lighten and reduce the appearance of scar tissue tremendously. Book a consultation to discuss your concerns, and we will recommend a series of treatment sessions to give you the best results. Don’t wait to take action against your scars – contact us today!

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