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Smooth Frown Lines With Jeuveau

Frown lines. The 11s. No matter what you call them, you’d like to get rid of them, right? Technically called “glabellar lines,” the wrinkles that develop between the eyebrows seem to come out of nowhere one day in your 30s and continue to deepen over time. Now, there’s the perfect product to smooth frown lines quickly and easily. Jeuveau, a new form of neurotoxin similar to Botox is FDA-approved for use specifically for this area because of its incredible effectiveness. Let’s learn more about Jeuveau, also called “Newtox.”

What is Jeuveau?

If you’re familiar with other neuromodulators like Botox or Xeomin, then you already know a lot about Jeuveau! It features the same active ingredient, botulinum toxin type A. When injected, it temporarily paralyzes the muscles involved in creating wrinkles (like the ones you use when you squint or frown). So, why would you choose Jeuveau over other formulas? The proprietary Hi-Pure technology that Evolus uses to manufacture this injectable is a result of new scientific advances in protein purification. As a result, the safety profile is incredibly high! You can be sure you’re getting a very pure product, formulated with the latest technology – the first new alternative in 10 years!

Does It Work Like Botox?

This new “modern-made tox” works most similarly to Botox, due to the formulation. The size of the protein molecules is roughly the same in both, unlike thinner formulations like Dysport. This makes it perfect for the deep lines between the eyebrows- a small area- because it doesn’t spread as much as Dysport. In just a short, 15-minute session, we can take years off your appearance! Full results develop over the course of the next 7-10 days.

If you’re interested in Jeuveau and want to discuss your questions and concerns, please schedule a consultation with us. We will sit down and talk about your options and help you determine if this treatment is a good fit.

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